About VM Solutions Inc


I am Siva, I have analyzed many datacenters in Bay Area, virtual datacenter, and what actually need and what actually they have.  According to what they have and support system the cost is more! But according to their need and with best service, cost is less!

If your size of datacenter, IT infrastructure, IT team, department whether small or big, our goal is to provide best solutions and support to reduce your IT costs. 


Example #1:

What is your monthly IT cost? Is it spiking more and more? How to reduce IT cost? We analyze your IT infrastructure, applications, DB, users, usage, virtualization, performance, storage, network and provide best cost effective solutions, build and migrate to new virtualization, cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud,  AWS, Azure, GCP.


Example #2:

You may be paying more to ISP service with locally hosted websites/emails in your datacenter. If you are paying more to you ISP, it may be time to move to new ISP, with lower rate and changing your static IPs. Weather you have 5 hosts or 500 hosts, we take care of such complete complex migration of infrastructure including emails, websites, SSL, load-balancers, DNS, update NW switches, update firewalls.


Example #3:

You may be paying more to maintain websites, applications, DB. If yes, we can help to migrate to new, low cost, fast machines. 


Example #4: 

Your old system or new system, or may not be cost effective solutions. You may not need resources 24/7 to do IT services. You may need services on demand. When you need services on demand, you can get from us from talented resources from US or India.


Example #5:

Running storages in unsupported NetApp, EMC? Running your infrastructures in unsupported devices such as Cisco/Juniper/HP switches, firewalls? We will migrate to supported devices, if your business situation unable to renew contract, we will provide best solution and services to migrate to cost effective best available services.

Also we can provide scheduled maintenance services, support on demand, support contract such as 4 hours response contract, next business day response contract, email support.